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Upgrading Exchange 2007 Clusters to SP2 – Workaround

I posted last month about a problem delegating installs of Exchange 2007 SP2. Delegated Admins will receive an error message stating the following…

You must be a member of the 'Exchange Organization Administrators' or 'Enterprise Administrators' group to continue.

Have been looking into the issue and have had a case open with Microsoft. Turns out that you only get this issue on a fully patched server. If you try upgrading or installing as a delegated admin on a fresh install of either server 2008 or 2003 you don’t see the problem either with Exchange SP1 or SP2. I haven’t had time to identify exactly what patch causes this yet, if I’ll bother at all.

If you have patched your server though, MS came up with this workaround.

  1. Disable update checking for the BPA by heading into the registry and HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Exchange\ExBPA and either creating or modifying a DWORD named “VersionCheckAlways” and set it to ‘0’
  2. Copy the installation files to a local drive and replace Setup\ServerRoles\Common\en\ExBPA.PreReqs.xml with this Modified XML File [I have since updated this link to a properly working file provided to us MS, please read the accompanying post]

Once you’ve done this you can ignore all Pre-Requisite Checking for the install. I was strongly advised my Microsoft that you should ensure that there are no other Pre-Requisite Failures by running an unmodified setup before making the changes above.

Microsoft have said that they’ll pass this to the product group for a fix.


Unknown said…
Good Work around, nothing like a KB quickly published by MS.
This is because the for SP2 during an upgrade treats it like a fresh install.

during a delegated install you must provision both nodes and the CMS name against the /serveradmin: . This means three exchange server objects in the server container within the Exchange 2007 AG

when the delegated administrator has finally installed the CMS the NODES are removed from this list.

Enter SP2, during an upgrade the requires that the node you are installing (Passive) be an object in the server container.

You may raise a DCR, but Do not expect a Fix from Microsoft on this unless SP3 ever occurs.
David Owen said…
Microsoft Exchange Product Team has indeed provided us with a proper fix for this in the form of a corrected signed prerequisite file. I'll post about this shortly.
Anonymous said…
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