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Exchange 2007 Public Folder Mail Routing

We had a report recently that mail from outside the Exchange organisation destined for Public Folders was being returned in the form of an NDR, but all other mail was flowing fine.To explain the problem, here’s a little background about the Exchange 2007 topology. We have two HUB servers that handle mail heading inbound and outbound of the organisation. Beneath that we have a lots of exchange deployments at physical sites with varying local configurations. To complicate things we have firewalls sat in front of these other deployments with some more strict than others. As we add more exchange deployments it can be a considerable task getting these firewalls adjusted to allow the new hub transport servers to communicate with the old, usually leading local administrators to notice queues forming on their sites.I had all the information I needed to track the messages, so started by tracking the message at our two hub transports handling mail into and out of the system. The Public Folder t…