Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Delay on Enterprise Vault Web Pages on first access each day.

After deploying a geographically dispersed cluster toward the end of last year, the next thing on my to do list, was to provide archiving services.

We use Symantec Enterprise Vault across the organisation, so I set about installing and configuring that. The installation went smoothly and all was working without any major issues.

The only issue reported by users was in regard to the search and browse vault web pages, usually viewed through Outlook were taking a long time to load for the first attempt each day.

I called Symantec Support and was pointed in the direction of the article below.

In our case this didn’t apply. This article ( was closer to our solution, but still not our complete solution.

The runtime config below will be familiar to admins who run Exchange 2007 Servers where no internet access is available. For those who are not familiar with certificate signed code, at regular intervals a certificate revocation list will be checked to see if the certificate has been revoked. Where no internet access is available the delay occurs as the server attempts the connection anyway.

Symantec advised us to place the following inside the runtime tags inside the machine.config file. The reason this is different from the latter support article above is because were running the server on Windows 2008.

     <generatePublisherEvidence enabled="false"/>

This solved our delays nicely.

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